Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stay Safe

It is a simple phrase, one to quickly say and it means so many things. Lately it seems to carry negative connotations, some even feel it is offensive. At times the Fire Service is a gigantic teeter-toter, the views and beliefs of one group on their side with the opposite on the other. Right now we are seeing a Safety Culture vs. Aggressive Culture. My own opinion; they are really one in the same, but that is a topic for another day. So to say "Stay Safe" to a fellow Firefighter could be met with a smile and a "you too" or the stink eye.

Stay safe, two words that mean so much. When I am telling others to stay safe it is intended to include,

  • Focused, smart, fit, ready, attentive, passionate, vigilant, on the look out, prepared and look out for yourself and others. Along with plenty of others that could come to mind.

No negatives there, no words that would go against our mission. Nothing that states if smoke is showing "don't dare you take the fight to the fire." Being and acting safe is to be in a state of readiness for all that could come your way. Expect the unexpected. Do not take what you see at face value. Look at the situation more critically and if all else fails, ask questions before blindly running into a situation that you cannot win.

This phrase is a simple reminder that I want you to go out and do your best. Do what is honorable and noble so we do not tarnish this great profession. But when you do have to take that chance, that matter of life and death, use all the tools you have been given in your career. Make the best choices and decisions you can so you go home the same way you came in, in one piece.

I want all of you to STAY SAFE and I want EVERYONE TO GO HOME.

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